Station - A short film

STATION is a film that takes place in the moment a woman decides not to go into a police station. Drawing on the genre of horror, Station seeks to expose the bureaucratic, emotional and socio-political causes that prevent those sexualised as women from reporting sexual assault.

submission - process

We want the story to be made from the collective voice of women who have experienced sexual assault: no story is too big, or too small.

We are looking to hear from individuals who never reported an incident of sexual assault to the police, or another institution, and their reasons why. Similarly we want to hear from those who have reported sexual violence but have had their case mishandled or undermined. We also want to hear from those who have never told anyone at all and why.

We will ensure that your submission is kept anonymous and we will contact you if we do use your story.

directors note

As a creator, the majority of my work has focussed on eliminating gender based and / or sexual violence. This has led me to work with young women in conflict zones, survivors of sexual violence in the wake of Hurricane Maria and women held in UK based detention facilities. In my spare time, I have been trained with Refuge to work on the emergency helpline for female survivors of domestic violence which is a frontline service. In regards to sexual assault, some people are aware of its prevalence yet as a community we have not found a way to eliminate it. Given the amount of survivors amongst us and that many of us are still surviving, I don’t believe that there is one way to tell this story; there are too many of them. However, I believe that this creative approach allows us to transcend the idea of an individualised narrative or one woman’s fault. Instead, it allows us to speak with a collective voice and to demonstrate the ways in which our current society, and legal system, is fundamentally at odds with the elimination of gender based violence.

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The team

a TRY HARD & BLACK DOG Production

Director | Jade Jackman

Director of Photography | Molly Manning Walker 

Producer | Sorcha Bacon 

Composer | Bearcat 

Staring | Skye Cooper Barr 

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