Wifi Riders - Roxy Rezvany


directed by Roxy Rezvany

documentary / short film / 2019


Pram Snatchers - Directed by Theo James Krekis

Pram Snatcher

Directed by Theo James Krekis

An off beat black comedy which follows a heavily pregnant welsh criminal who tries to align her professional ambition with a maternal desire to provide for her unborn child.

comedy-Drama / short film + feature / 2019

in development

Grace Reference - Stella Scott


directed by Stella scott

written by Victoria rigby and stella scott

A queer love story set in a ravaged future britain. When a young woman in a rural village starts to experience visions, she is hailed as a religious leader. But the return of an ex lover with a brutal gang of raiders starts to threaten grace’s attempts to escape her past.

drama / feature / 2020

in development


directed by Eva Grace Bor

short documentary

in development with Doc Society



directed by Jade Jackman

a hybrid documentary that explores what happens in the moment a woman decides not to report assault.

short film / documentary / 2019

In development with Lush Films

co-production with Black dog (RSA)