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In a small Northern Irish town one woman tries to make amends in the aftermath of a tragic accident.

Maria and her partner, an aspiring politician, live a quiet life in a small town in Northern Ireland. When, one day, she accidentally hits and kills a child from the local Romanian community, her world is irreversibly changed. Maria struggles to come to terms with her new reality as divisions within the community grow deeper, and she begins to lose faith in everything she thought she knew.

Directed by Stella Scott // Written by Helen Simmons

In Development - iFeatures 2019/20 - BBC Films, BFI and Creative England


The Show must go on

In the shadow of Brazil’s new far right regime, a self-made family compete for the title of ‘Queens’ on the vogue ball scene, Rio de Janeiro. Living, dancing, and working in their favela; the most dangerous place to be visibly queer in the world, the competition illustrates the uphill fight for survival, freedom of self-expression, and what family really means.

Directed by Kate Stonehill & Jas Doyle Pitt.

In Post-Production - Lush Film Fund


Pram Snatcher

Set over the course of one afternoon in a motorway Little Chef, a heavily pregnant criminal struggles to align her professional aspirations with the prospect of being a new mother.

Written & Directed by Theo James Krekis

In Development with BFI Net.Work